EPIQ Gym Etiquette – Part 3 – “The Set That Never Ends”


Variety is an important principle in exercise: if your workouts are limited and repetitive, you won’t be able to keep your muscles guessing. But this chapter of our Gym Etiquette series isn’t just about physiological wisdom. Rather, it’s a moral lesson, familiar to all toddlers and foreign to too many gym-goers. Simply put: Learn To Share.

We know, we know: you really like the chest press machine. But yours isn’tย the only chest that needs swelling, guy. This is about the equality of all humankind: we all have pecs! Keep that in mind next time you embark on “The Set That Never Ends.”

Feel free to use the GIF version of this animation, included below, but please be sure to credit Epiq accordingly!


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