EPIQ Gym Etiquette – Part 4 – “Water Fountain Wait”


This next animation in our Gym Etiquette series contains a very specific point about the protocol for provisions at the gym. Water is essential to any healthy lifestyle, and we need it especially after a hard workout. Certainly, a whole bottle is a good idea.

Yet, let’s practice a bit of empathy here. Imagine some desperately dehydrated fellow gym patron. He’s waiting dutifully in line behind you for a gulp of the mechanical oasis that is the water fountain. And instead of letting him pass, you let that precious stream dribble slowly ย into your bottle while he watches, tantalized. Instead, step aside, and let him get his quick gulps in.Then get your fill: he’ll be back for more later!

Feel free to use and share the GIF version below: just remember to attribute Epiq accordingly!

Water Fountain Wait

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