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Powerful Testosterone Amplifier


Increases Free Testosterone and Decreases Estrogenic Effects in 7 Days1

No Cycling Required

No Negative Androgenic Effects – No PCT

Naturally Increase Testosterone Production

Increases Free Testosterone

1Delivers a precise dose of boron shown in human clinical research on men to increase free testosterone within the normal range and decrease estrogenic activity in just 7 days.

Natural Enhancement

Natural Enhancement

Delivers natural anabolic results without negative androgenic and estrogen-related side effects – NO PCT.

Concentrated Dosage

Concentrated Dosage

Unlike other test products where you have to take 4 to 6 capsules a day, the potent, clean EPIQ™ TEST formula delivers a full-dose serving in just 1 pill a day.

No Artificial Colors or Dyes

This powerful testosterone amplifier is free of any banned substances, contains no artificial colors or dyes, has no undeclared ingredients, and is free of any harmful impurities.

How To Take EPIQ™ Test

Take 1 caplet with 8 oz. of water daily. Read the entire label and follow directions provided.

Supplement Facts

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EPIQ Test Supplement Facts

Stacking Guide

How Should I Stack Epiq™ Power?

EPIQ™ Hardening

EPIQ™ HARDENING enhances nitric oxide status for rock hard muscles. The formula increases bloodflow and provides anti-catabolic effects by decreasing cortisol levels.

EPIQ™ Strength

Get bigger and stronger with this concentrated creatine formula. Featuring a micro-dosing protocol to deliver a highly potent combination of creatine HCl and beta-alanine.

EPIQ™ Isolate

EPIQ™ Isolate contains 100% isolate proteins, including fast-acting whey protein isolate and sustained-release milk and casein protein isolates. The low fat formula contains just 1g of sugar.

Reviews of EPIQ™ Test by Actual People


“After 4 consecutive days with EPIQ Test, I realized a boost in aggressiveness… Especially on the Squats/Deadlifts.”

Georgia, U.S.A.


“While using this supplement I noticed that I looked fuller and tighter overall and in general, I felt fantastic after one month of using this product.

Massachusetts, U.S.A.